Thursday, July 25, 2013

Old garble retrieved from a blog site that I couldn't stand...

A Rant on “Freedoms”

I’m confused about what “freedoms” we’re protecting with such sanctimonious valor by continuously sending our youth to fight on foreign soil…
Was it… Women’s rights? Did we send a bunch of kids to third world countries to fight for our right to vote? For the right to choose a damned abortion if we felt ill equipped to have a child, or simply (God forbid) didn’t want one?
Or was it… Civil rights? Did we send a bunch of kids to fight in third world countries so that black citizens could sit wherever the fuck they wanted on the bus? Or walk off of a plantation and buy their their own goddamned piece of land?
What “freedoms” are being jeopardized??
I believe that the freedoms we have; we either (A). Started out with:
Like showing up on the shores of fuckin’ India and murdering our way through the native inhabitants until we owned it, putting ourselves immediately at the top of the food chain just by being brutal, occupying thieves.
Or, (B). We fought for them amongst ourselves:
Black people rallied up and fought against being slaves and second-class citizens on their own without the help of third world blood being shed.  Women rallied up and fought against being puppets and domestic slaves and demanded the right to vote and are continuing every damn year to keep the government out of our fucking bodies.  Although women now constitute 51% of the workforce, we still don’t get paid as much as men… Those are fights I don’t see kids killing each other on foreign soil as solving…
What freedoms have we either (a) won or (b) protected by engaging in combat overseas? Can you answer that question?
Even winning our independence from England happened right here on our stolen fucking homeland, Not in England. Where and when has sending our youth into horrible, bloody murderous situations ever saved us from losing our “freedoms?”
I want real answers, not trite political fucking rhetoric bullshit...

The last blogger in L.A…

It’s been almost exactly two years since entered my first blog into my bloghole… Is that what these are called or did I just say something gross? Either way, I don’t really care, so… Really this is a test, a test of my  ability to B-log…  Was this originally a forum for B-listers to vent (i.e: log) their frustrations at not being at the top of the food heap? Or did some sad, lonely sop with a cold say… I just wanna belog!! I want to know where this came from… if only as a way to stave off the inevitable moment when I’ll need to actually start blogging… It’s just a test goddammit! I want to use all the fancy cross breeding functions that make it pop up on Facebook and… and… I don’t twitter, I have an account that I sometimes look at if all my facebook friends are boring me… but I don’t really like it, I really don’t like all the @’s, and #’s… what is that? I’m too embarrassed, yet too bored by it to ask someone who does it. End of blog. I’ll be in touch, that’s a threat.

Hello world!

In the spirit of the holidays, which I grudgingly participate in as peripherally as possible, I have to admit that this year has been very sweet. Leah and Tanmaya, my wonderful fellow Skotialites both surprized me with sincere tokens that warmed my heart… Sometimes those gifts resemble booby traps in wolf’s clothing, such as the Chihuahua adoption papers I received for my birthday a couple of months back… But for Christmas, Tanmaya bestowed upon me an original (and very original) drawing, and the ever supportive Leah hooked me up with a blog page! Now I can rant to my heart’s delight without offending any of my facebook friends with often drunken, often delirious monologues that should have remained internal and fleeting… I’m guessing I won’t find less friends than I had the night before when I hit the blog instead of the homepage button… To all of you out in the often cold, often lonely recesses of our tattered and disconnected world… Take a moment and find a little spark in the smallest gesture… Be it a smile from the advertising sales rep who won’t fucking take no for an answer , or a wink from a delusional homeless man peeing on the garbage can at Walgreen’s as you’re going in to replenish your gin supply… We are alive and that is something to celebrate!

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